Sale, 50% off! & Update for ITCH.IO

Hey there, thanks to the folks who picked up the game, I hope you liked it! To anyone on the ropes about it now might be the perfect time, the game is 50% off for a limited only.  Some new things have been added since my last Dev Blog updated here at ITCH

An interactive Tutorial has been added into the game, for new players and old alike to hone skills and understanding.

A glimpse of a new weapon that will be available later on in the rest of the game.

A new Mouse and Keyboard feature has been added so you can Grab/Shoot and Drop weapons using the mouse along with the Keyboard.

  • Weapons are discovered with new animations and a distinct sound effect ( fixes some bugs )
  • Spamming the "Sprint Button" after falling now correctly raises the player every time instead of letting her sit there for long spans on the ground.

I'm always working on adding more stuff.  I'm trying to make this something really fun and easy to pick up for you guys!

Thanks for stopping by.


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